To create an order, you will need to enter valid personal details (Name, Address, Phone Number, e-mail). These details are necessary to enable us to prepare the bill of payment and to send the goods to you.

  1. The Merchant guarantees to its Customers / Clients the confidentiality of the information and personal data provided. The latter will not be used, disclosed or brought to the attention of third parties except in the circumstances and under the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. The MERCHANT protects the User / Client's personal information that has become known to him when filling in the electronic form for making a purchase request, this obligation being dropped in case the Customer has provided false data. Subject to the applicable laws and clauses of these Terms and Conditions, the MERCHANT may use the personal data of the Client solely for the purposes of the contract. Any other purposes for which the data will be used will be in line with Bulgarian legislation, applicable international instruments, Internet ethics, moral rules and good manners.
  2. The MERCHANT undertakes not to disclose any personal data about the Client to third parties - state bodies, commercial companies, individuals and others, except in the cases when he has received the explicit written consent of the Client, the information is requested by state authorities or officials, which under current legislation are entitled to request and collect such information. The MERCHANT is obliged to provide the information by virtue of the law.

The MERCHANT is not responsible for problems arising from incomplete or untrue data, especially in the case where no telephone number is given.